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Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Goodbye Oribe. Welcome Back Redken.

 Yes. It’s True. We are letting go of Oribe and bringing back our beloved Redken.

Let us first say, that Oribe is an extraordinary product line. Honestly, we have never seen products like this before. Products that really work, and products that have such great ingredients are really hard to come by, and Oribe is the whole package in that regard. However, since we have brought the line into our salon last September, the prices have increased twice, and we predict they will continue to increase. So with that, we feel it is unfair to our clients to keep jacking up the price of these products and have decided to bring back a reliable, affordable product like Redken.

            We feel that Redken’s prices better fit our area. We want you to be able to fit us into your budget. We want hair care to be as important for you as it is for us. Since the last time we carried Redken many of their products have been reformulated, and better fit the needs of our clients, as well as our needs as a salon. Our clients come first. End of story.

We want everyone to be able to put some CHAOS in their pockets and continue to rock their hair at home.

So, farewell Oribe. Welcome back Redken!

Starting today, all ORIBE products will be 30% off.

oribe redken


Posted on Jan 22, 2015

There are times when things just need to go back.  This is the spirit of our new TRADITIONAL BARBERSHOP.  It’s a step back in time, to what made this industry so great to begin with, and revives a bond and a trust between a man and his barber.  With a few new faces and a whole lot of talent, Tobin, Zak, & Kayla are taking back the ART OF BARBERING! In addition to the traditional hair cut, we are offering HOT FOAM STRAIGHT BLADE SHAVES.  The barbering trio is still hopping back and forth between the salon and the barbershop as to accommodate their favorite lady clients as well.  So gents, give us a call and get the barbershop experience your fathers and grandfathers enjoyed all those years ago!

zak barber

tobin barberkayla barberzak barber pic

Halloween Stylist Challenge // Damsel in Distress

Posted on Oct 01, 2014

The time has come for our 4th annual HALLOWEEN STYLIST CHALLENGE! This year we wanted to focus on the ladies. THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS.  Each stylist chose their favorite lady in trouble, either from history, favorite scary movie, or a concept of danger they made up themselves.  To vote for your favorite simply click on the image and it will take you to our Facebook page then  “LIKE” your favorite photo! We are again keeping you in the dark as to which stylist (and which photographer) composed each photo until the voting is complete! (so if you know, please don’t spill the beans!) We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

witch webBurned at the Stake

scream webWhat’s Your Favorite Scary Movie??

here's johnny webHere’s Johnny!

vampire webBitten

gypsie plan for webWalk the Plank

freddy web

Freddy’s Boiler Room

Happy Halloween from the Freaks @ Shear Chaos!

Meet Blondie!

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

kayla bio web


Kayla: “Blondie”- Kayla is the newest member of our Chaos Family.  She reigns from Seymour, WI where she grew up.  Fun fact: Tobin has been doing Kayla’s hair since she was 9 yrs old.  This little spitfire grew up in Tobin’s chair and is now working next to it! Since she started with us, she has been rocking it. Absolutely. Rocking. It.  She has grown a fondness of classic “Scumbag” style men’s cuts, and has gotten quite handy with a straight blade.  She loves this industry, and it shows in her work.  Her giggle is adorable, and she can joke and banter with the rest of them.  She is diabetic, so it is fun for all of us to get to poke her with her insulin after lunch. Kayla’s chair is nothing short of a good time.  You will fall in love with our little Blondie just as quickly as we have!


Posted on Sep 03, 2014

There is a certain value we place on traditional trades.  Unfortunately in this day and age they are hard to find. We are fixi’n to bring them back.  The plan has been in the works, for a little while now to open a Traditional Barbershop.  The pieces fell together, and the plans were solidified! We are hoping for the end of September, however we have learned not to set a date in stone.  We will keep you all updated, but for now, we are LOOKING FOR BARBERS!

If you know any barbers who want to bring it back to the way things used to be, or anyone who is seriously interested in becoming a barber, give us a call at 733-4247.



Parting With Our Spa // A Moment of Honesty

Posted on Jun 24, 2014


            We love what we do here.  We are loud, we are enthusiastic, some may call us a circus, or crazy, but we’d have it no other way.  We love a challenge, and our employees have deep seeded passion for what they do.  It is in our nature, as artists to get wild ideas.  Some are good, some not so good. We respect our clients, each other, and ourselves enough to stay honest, and to realize when an idea is great, when an idea is not so great, when to push forward, and when to let some things go.

We are hair people. We are makeup artists.  For the last year and a half, it has been amazing being able to offer our guests and friends a relaxing oasis for massage therapy and nail services, but something about it just doesn’t fit with the salon environment we’ve created.  We are too loud.  We are too high energy.  We like to yell, and laugh, and on occasion sing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs in the hallway or drop piñatas from the second floor balcony.  The fact is spa services are sensitive. They require quiet, they require calm, they require slow, tranquil music with bird calls and waterfalls – we prefer rock and roll.  It’s just not who we are.

So with that, we’ve decided to let go of the spa. Get back to our “roots” so to speak, and focus on what we are truly great at — what we have always been great at: hair and makeup.

We aren’t sad or disappointed that our spa didn’t work out, so no condolences necessary. We are excited to concentrate on what we truly love, prepare for new endeavors, reflect on the experience and be thankful for knowledge we’ve gained this past year and a half.

We have a clearer picture of what we want from this industry, where we stand in this industry, and who we are as a team and a salon.  We thought bigger was better. But for us, it simply is not.  We are continuously evolving, and figuring out who we want to be as artists and what kind of business we want to be.  Some things work out, some things just don’t, and trial by fire seems to be the Chaos way!

June 30th will be the last day we are offering spa services. After that we will be cleaning up, and letting it go.  So, thank you to everyone who worked in our spa, visited our spa, and enjoyed our spa services this past year. Your support is much appreciated and as always, we look forward to continue to provide great hair and makeup services for you all.  It’s been wonderful, but it’s time to leave this stage behind, prepare for exciting things in the future, and get back to what we truly love – hair.




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