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Chaos on the Farm

Posted on Aug 16, 2018

As most know Jilly was born and raised “Farm Girl”. As we were brainstorming ideas for our next creative shoot the idea of The Campbell Homestead was unanimous.The looks the team is showcasing are undone, longer textured styles with a vintage gypsy style.

Huge shoutout to Joseph and Cynthia Campbell for allowing the Chaos Crew to takeover the farm for the day.
The Amazing talent- Collin, Macy, Joe, Peter, and Kurt.
Photographer Tobin Campbell
Hair/Makeup Tobin, Jillian, Nicole, Marcus, and Jordan.
Thank you AJ Miller of ReVivalist Vintage and Monica of Beatnik Bettys for letting us raid your wardrobe.

Enjoy The Collection!
-The Chaos Crew


Posted on Nov 29, 2016

Happy winter from your bundled up Shear Chaos crew.











Are You Excited For Halloween As Much As We Are?

Posted on Oct 04, 2016

Through the eerie night skies, we bring you our latest All Hallows’ Eve photo series.
We brewed inspiration from one of our favorite film directors. May you dare to guess who? So please enjoy this series of your very own Shear Chaos crew! Hope your as excited for this season as we are!












Talk Derby To Me!

Posted on Jul 14, 2016

“Talk Derby To Me” is our view on the fun mix of Roller Derby and old school Drive In’s. Chaos,Quads,and Drive In’s. This is how Shear Chaos puts the Chaos in full contact snacking. Catsup vs. Ketchup? You never know whats going to set off a Derby Girl. Go eat and always make sure there is a ref present. You just never know the background of your server. Root Beer in a mug and a good old burger. Next time you get hungry take a drive for that old school feeling of a Drive In. Shop local and support your communitys history. Collaborating with our great friends Dave and Adam at and some of the Fox Cities Roller Derby Girls. A big Thank you to Charlies Drive In for having us and feeding us. Follow our social media pages and our friends. Enjoy.




Catsup vs. Ketchup

On Break

Shear Chaos Spirit Week

Posted on Jul 11, 2016

Last week we celebrated our 6 year anniversary. We love doing a bit of dress up so we celebrate by way of Spirit Week. Each day has a theme and some sort of prize or give away. We would like to thank our friends at Start Over Games for coming in on our Mario Kart Day. Here are a few of our photos from the week. If you would like to see them all they are all posted on our Facebook and Instagram. Please like and follow us on our social media to keep up with our Chaos. This is how we show our love for Shear Chaos Salon and Barbering Co. and our craft. We couldn’t do it without you. big hugs from us all and enjoy the photos.
Chaos Pride Day Tobin

Chaos Pride Day Jillian

Chaos Pride Day Julia

back in the day Kayla

back in the day Dana

Era/decade Day Western

Era/decade Day 70's

Mario Day Lakitu

Mario Day Bowser

Mario Day Wario

Mario Day Mario

Ghostbusters Day Dana

Ghostbusters Day Jillian

gb kayla


Posted on Oct 06, 2015

The time has come for our 5th annual HALLOWEEN STYLIST CHALLENGE! This year we wanted to focus on the great Midwest. WICKED WITCH OF THE MIDWEST. Each stylist chose their own take on a wicked witch located in the Midwest, referencing Midwest history, wicked witch looks from films, or a concept of a wicked witch they made up themselves. To vote for your favorite simply click on the image and it will take you to our Facebook page then “LIKE” your favorite photo! We are again keeping you in the dark as to which stylist (and which photographer) composed each photo until the voting is complete! (so if you know, please don’t spill the beans!) We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

jilly finish 1


Julia Witch 1 8x10 for print kayla witch 3 8x10 2 dana 12063310_1064253150266679_6439735275136369345_n

Happy Halloween from the Shear Chaos family!

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