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Posted on May 02, 2013


Congratulations to Sarah, Kate, Jillian & Dan for becoming Pureology Experts! This quirky quartet of artists was invited to participate in only the second certification workshop in the NATION!  This is kind of a big deal folks! We are now among experts! Pureology itself is such an amazing and unique product line, we are now privileged enough to have FOUR of our stylists finally able do the line the justice it deserves.  Kate, personally is ecstatic to be able to really understand what goes into this product, and how to manipulate it to create new forms of the product! That’s right, there are multiple uses for each of these products, from sugar scrubs to shaving creams and skin care!  Our stylists now know the secrets behind this amazing product line, and can now educate you on how to use them in a whole new way!

For a little background, most professional product lines [such as Pureology, Redken, etc] create their own specific “looks”.  They entail specific techniques in styling and updos, and develop their own individual cutting systems that specifically create a brand for their product line. These systems and techniques are only taught to individuals who are experts in their craft and are invited to these Expert Workshops.  Shear Chaos is lucky enough to have FOUR such artists that Pureology selected for this workshop.  FOUR.  Also, Dan is one of the only certified MEN for Pureology!  Are you starting to understand how AWESOME this is?!?!?! We are so incredibly proud of these guys and extremely excited for them to host a class to teach the rest of us all about the secrets of this amazing product line!

Keep Calm & Breathe Deep // A Spring Massage Lesson from Dani

Posted on Apr 25, 2013

It’s Spring – I’ve declared it, and so it is so…..We are welcoming it with open arms like any good Wisconsinite would….but for many of us, warmer temperatures(finally!) bring the dark side of April Showers and May flowers – POLLEN!  We want so badly to enjoy the weather, but without our inhalers and multiple showers to wash the sticky spores off, we find ourselves miserable and stuck inside for a couple more months.

Did you know – certain essential oils and blends can help open your sinuses, by decreasing inflammation and subduing your body’s OVER-response to pollen and other irritants? We have created a signature massage service to introduce you to a more natural way of managing your seasonal symptoms. So come on in for a massage, get your trouble areas worked as normal and learn and experience a new option for your spring-time sufferings…one that doesn’t dehydrate you, or come with side effects.

Breath Deep is a 60 minute massage allowing for time to work through your tense areas like your back, neck, hips, etc., with a significant span of time dedicated to your respiration area (scalp to upper chest). Compression of your sinus areas will help fluids move around when they become stagnant, all the while experiencing the opening and calming of inflamed tissues in your airway. Specific essential oils noted below go to work, getting you back out there! You’ll go home with a small sample of the blend as well, to continue to experience the benefits – everyone loves a sample!

Peppermint – helps relieve headaches, fevers, and sinus congestion,  just to name a few…

Eucalyptus – can relieve sinus infections, hay fever, bronchitis, respiratory congestion, and Asthma symptoms

Ravensara – offers analgesic, anti-allergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti fungal, anti septic, anti viral, and expectorant properties

Melaleuca – is antifungal and antibacterial

Lemon – offers sore throat relief & disinfects

The blend of these oils is not overwhelming, and in fact, many runners and professionals who work outside utilize this blend of oils to perform at their highest potential.

Only the highest quality oils, 3rd party tested to contain certified pure therapeutic grade, are used in this session, ensuring other irritants like pesticides will not cause issues of their own with you. You will notice a significant difference in the subtlety and harmony of the oils, vs. the perfume headache we sometimes experience walking through the mall.

Are you a runner that is dying to get out and put some miles on that new pair of shoes you picked up? Are you itching to dig in the dirt, and watch your garden grow? Do you simply want to enjoy time with your kids playing out in the yard? Our massage therapist, an aspiring triathlete and seasonal allergy sufferer swears by it.

Breath Deep can be the best thing since sliced bread this Spring. Call us today to book your appointment! 920-733-4247


Posted on Mar 27, 2013


 A lot of posts have been going up about our new SPA lately, and we know that the shiny new toy is always exciting, but let us not forget that there are some amazing and exciting things going on in the SALON as well!

You read it right, Chaos hit New Jersey! Tobin’s most recent adventure was a super exciting one! He was invited to pal around with Fashion Week hairstylist, Anthony Barrow, and attend the launch party of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY’s THERESA GIUDICE’s new hair product line MILANIA.

To read more about this product & see pictures of Tobin with the crew, click on:


Anticipate great things in the future.


Dani says…

Posted on Mar 26, 2013

Five Winter Excuses To Get A MASSAGE!

Posted on Feb 07, 2013



We all hate it. It’s cold, it’s tiring, it sucks. We can help make it suck less! Our Traditional Swedish, and Deep Tissue massages decrease inflammation and aid in muscle repair.  Getting a massage after shoveling is exactly what your lower back, quads, shoulders, and forearms are screaming for!


Feeling like a piece of vintage furniture? Cracked, dry, “distressed”? Massage therapy is proven to improve skin hydration during these dry winter months.  Oils and lotions used in massage contain healthy amounts of vitamin E and other vitamins.  Massage therapy improves circulation, allowing your skin to absorb these essential vitamins, leaving you feeling nourished and hydrated! Not only will you glow on the inside, you will exert radiance from the outside!


Cold and Flu season is the WORST!!! Did you know that massage therapy is a proven immune booster? It is! GOOGLE IT! Massage therapy increases lymph flow which is packed with white blood cells or “killer cells”. These “killer cells” fight off infections and bacteria, boosting your immune system during the SICK SEASON! Just think of it as relaxing Lymphatic NINJA training.


Hands and feet Cold & Clammy? Joints and muscles not moving easily? That’s because they are COLD yo! Massage therapy increases circulation to muscles, joints, and organs, warming up the body. Cold weather can bring on many discomforts, aches, pains and arthritis.  Regular massage enhances blood flow, naturally lowering blood pressure and improving body function! Your head might say no, but what does your HEART say???



Are you sad and angry that you can’t bike, golf, swim, skateboard, get a tan??? Yea, us too. Winter months decrease our opportunities to do our favorite activities, and increase depression. It’s cold, and most of us don’t like it.  Though, we cannot clinically say that massage therapy is a “cure” for depression, what we can say, is that getting regular massages enhances warmth and an overall state of well being. It makes you feel better! Massage therapy releases serotonin and endorphins, relieving stress and making you feel frick’n fantastic… about everything!!!


Phobia Photo Shoot

Posted on Oct 10, 2012

Here is the Phobia Photo Shoot Contest. Please stop in to cast your vote!Everyone worked very hard on them. The models were great and got to look very scary. Great job Chaos Team. Hover each image for Phobia description.

All images photographed and edited by Tobin Campbell & Adam Koepke

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