Grimms’ Fairy Tales

Posted on Aug 08, 2012

Grimms’ Fairy Tales: the fairy tales we’ve all been enlightened with for years now takes a different twist.  Our stylists at Shear Chaos salon took inspiration from Grimms’ Fairy Tales; however, they added a little “Grim” of their own and made it darker than before—these definitely aren’t the fairy tales your mother remembers. A grown-up, and slightly more devious version of our beloved “Hansel and Gretel,” a beautiful and darker “Snow-White,” an intoxicatingly gorgeous version of “The Girl Without Hands;” and, of course, we could never forget the wonderfully put together and absolutely brilliant “Rapunzel.” All of the styling, makeup, hair and photoshoots were put together by our amazing crew at Shear Chaos. Please visit online, or stop in at the salon to cast your vote at who you believe has the best overall shoot!


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