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THE SALON // OUR HOME: Husband and wife dynamic duo, Tobin + Jillian Campbell made their dream a reality when they opened Shear Chaos Salon in the summer of 2010.  Taking bits and pieces of each of their very different personalities, the couple created a safe, quirky haven for love and craziness to coexist.   The vision of the shop was to create a place where everyone would feel welcome, get a great service, have a great time doing it, and leave feeling like part of the family. We are the salon your mother warned you about.  We are a forward thinking group of passionate artists, ready to give you the look & confidence you deserve. We come from a place where just the right amount of crazy meets love, laughter, and trust.  You may call it Chaos. We call it Home.


Feb Tobin webTobin:  “Tobi Wan”: The Jedi Master The force is strong with this one.  Tobin is the leader of this operation.  A working owner behind the chair along with his wife Jillian, Tobin brings down the hammer.  Starting a new adventure in the hair industry in ’96 when he was just a pup, Tobin has been conquering this industry right out of the gate.  He has worked with some of the top stylists in the world, Wayne Grund and Kim Vo just to name a few.  Through Wayne Grund, Tobin became a platform artist and educator.  His passion for this industry grows by the second and his super human strive for creativity, innovation, and full out enjoyment of what he does is something for the record books.  He pulls inspiration from all corners of the earth and collects them in to a tiny sector of his brain and uses them to create some sort of amazing on his client’s hair.   His motto is if you are not doing EPIC hair, then what is the point of doing hair at all?  He’d soon as go back to being a construction worker if he thought for one second that doing hair would become boring… and boredom is definitely NOT something you will experience while in Tobin’s chair.



Feb Jilly webJillian:  “Jilly” Jillian, Jilly, Jillybean, Mama Chaos… Just don’t ever call her JILL, is the heart and soul and co-owner of Shear Chaos.  She has 10+ years experience and has trained all over the U.S. and Canada.  Born and raised on her family farm in Hilbert, WI, Jillian left the pasture to do great things in the “big city” of Appleton where she constantly uses her GPS to navigate… through a population of 77,000… YUP.  As an owner, stylist, educator, freelance make up artist, and certified Pureology expert, Jillian leaves little time away from the shop.  This is her home away from home, and she will invite you in with open arms… quite literally, she hugs everyone before they leave.  You won’t escape without a “squeeze” from Jillian.  If you aren’t a hugger that’s okay, she’s cute, you will get used to it.  She has won competitions throughout the Midwest and Las Vegas… (beauty competitions, not hugging competitions to clear up any confusion).  Beauty is Art to Jillian.  You are her canvas that she can’t wait to get her hands on! Love what she does? She’ll teach you how to put her skill in your pocket so YOU can rock the socks off your hair at home!




Feb Kate webKate:  “The Ginger Ninja” Kate grew up with a garden, and her botanical brilliance transcends into the hair world.  This quirky Ginger will give you the best style of your life… YOUR LIFE.  You won’t see it coming, then… YAHH. Amazing.  Thus her nickname.  Kate has 10+ years of experience under her black belt of serious hair ninja skills.  Certified Pureology expert, Kate is one of our shop managers and deals with all things PRODUCT.  She knows exactly what you need to take home, what’s in it, and why it will work for you.   With an echoing laugh that is contagious, and descriptive words that are all her own, every minute in her chair is pure enjoyment.  Kate has a full spectrum repertoire… from the “Natural Beauty” who only has time to wash & go, to the “High Maintenance Quaff” that requires direction & skill. Like tending to a garden.  She LOVES LOVES LOVES creative color (and other Gingers) and has some amazing make up artistry skills tucked away.  She will impress you as she impresses us on the daily.




Feb Sarah webSarah:  “BEAR”  Hold on to your tent, boys and girls! There is a BEAR in the campsite!  With 10+ years of experience in fantastic hair artistry, this bright eyed and bushy tailed gal is one of our senior stylists and salon education manager.  She is a certified Pureology expert and has been educated via the top programs and artists in the country: Martin Parsons and New York Cutting Class @ Redken exchange (just to name drop).  The daughter of a hairstylist, Sarah was brought up in a household of creative hair design and an overall love and appreciation for this industry.  Sara has a drive for continuing education, and loves to educate her clients and peers.  She will direct you on how to recreate your desired look at home.   I mean, most of us would love to sit in Sarah’s chair every morning to get us ready for the day, but we all know that’s not possible.  So she will teach you how to make yourself look great!  Sarah is a musical Bear, always singing and dancing behind her chair.  You are guaranteed a great experience behind Bear’s chair!




Feb Jess webJess: “Boogs” [bow-(as in bow tie) -gs] Boogs is our jack of all trades, or should we say, “Jess of all trades”.  She is our wordsmith, our in-house artist, marketing idealist, graphic designer, mediator, negotiator, ethicist, point of contact and partner in crime, but most importantly she is our General Manager and your go to gal (and every once in a while, Tobin’s life manager).  She’s somewhere between the safety on the gun and the glue that holds it all together.   Her job description changes daily, and she LOVES it that way.






Feb Angel webJess:  “Angel” This girl is truly sent to us from heaven.  Born in Minnesota, Angel spread her wings and flew to the coast where she grew up and became a hairstylist in California for 6 years.  However, she couldn’t hold back her true love for the Midwest so she came back closer to her roots here in Wisconsin, where she continued her amazing abilities and now has 10+ years of experience from all over the map.  She is an amazing spirit and loves all hair types.  Curly hair, blow outs, up dos, and creative color services are her absolute FAVZIES! This girl has Rock Star coursing through her veins, has been known to read your aura, and is ready take you under her wing.  Your time in Angel’s chair is absolute Heaven.





Feb Julia webJulia: “Kung-Fulia” Born and raised in Southern California, Kung Fulia will rock your face off! Seriously, her makeup skills are ridiculous.  Graduate of Ruby Make Up Academy, won the Lady gaga Make Up Contest, and graduated at the top of her class.  Like we said…MAD SKILLS!  She is the cutest thing you’ll ever meet, loves cats and Star Wars, and LOVES this industry.  Though young, she quickly showed a dominating presence in the shop, mentoring and educating our aspiring make up artists and rocking some amazing hair under the apprenticeship of Tobin & Sarah, and now taking on clients of her own! Look out, this little spark plug packs a punch!